Triple 3 Livestock (T3L) is a family-owned, certified organic (through NOFA-NY), grass-based dairy farm established in 1996 by the Phillips Family. Jim, Anne, and their three children are all actively involved with the care and maintenance of the farm and their animals.

T3L's certified organic milk is currently sold exclusively to Organic Valley Cooperative (CROPP), which can be found in grocery stores throughout the northeast. Organic Valley is a farmer-owned cooperative with farmer members located across the United States.

With a desire to implement multispecies grazing, T3L added Boer goats in 2000, and Dorset sheep in 2005. All of their goats and sheep also graze on the farm's organic pastures and are fed organic hay during the non-growing season.

In addition to milking cows, Triple 3 Livestock also offers for sale:

-delicious grass-fed beef, goat, and lamb meat

-premium pasture-raised pork meat

-award-winning show and breeding stock

-100% pure sheepskins

-high quality tanned hides

T3L is commited to farming that utilizes sustainable resources that will continue to enhance the environment and feed you (and their) family for generations to come.

heifers waiting for spring

 2012 Boer kids

 summer 2011

fall grazing

 early summer grazing

  nurse cows, calves, and sheep grazing together

  the farm












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